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MCVB Spotlight on Business

Morning Glory Espresso

5606 Johnson Drive

(913) 671-8290 

Mission's Best-Cupped Secret...

Imagine a steaming cup of freshly brewed espresso, mocha, if you like, with whipped cream mingling into the frothy espresso foam, Mmmmmmmm, that's my favorite part and a delightful way to begin the day. If you haven't uncovered the "secret" yet, take yourself and a friend to Morning Glory Espresso. Even if coffee isn't your preference, relax, the menu has plenty for you to choose from.

For eighteen months, owners Joe and Kathi Loper have created a pleasant atmosphere to curl up with a good book, or visit with friends, and enhoy a delicious cup of your favorite beverage - frozen, iced, or hot. A generous selection of teas, feruity drinks, juices and blended creations also grace the menu.

For the simple pleasures of breakfast, lunch or a break anytime of the day, Morning Glory Espresso offers a nice selection of fresh baked pastries, sandwiches - including Panini style, Cajun Red Beans & Rice (vegetarian or with Werner's sausage), and more. Breakfast specific items include biscuits and gravy for only 99 cents and bagels, which you can toast to your liking.

The walls display paintings and prints designed by local artists. Currently, there are hand-crafted greeting cards, aromatic candles, Teak wood bowls, jewelry and scarves.

What attracted the Loper's to establish their business in Mission? The "small town" feel of our main street and the way in which Mission businesses provide that sense of community, customer service and sophistication we prize so dearly.

Morning Glory Espresso is open Monday to Friday, 6:30 am to 4:00 pm, on Saturday from 7:00 am until noon, and is closed on Sunday.